Dark Horse
Scale 1/8 / Resin
by Keith Cousins "Cous3"

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Predator is one of my favorite characters to make and paint, he can be so many different
colors and shades that no two kits are ever the same. This Predator was base coated
in an off white/brown then the stripes dry brushed in dark brown then lighter brown.
For the dark areas on the  face & around the eyes I used ground up pastel chalks (black),
this is a new technique for me and one that I really enjoy. They call it the poor mans
airbrush and it does leave the color faded around the edges like an airbrush, give it a
go you'll be surprised at the effect.

His Armour is copper dry brushed with brass then washed with a light coat of black
to weather it. The strips of leather around his arms, legs and holding the skull and
spinal column are very thin pieces of an old car chamois (for leathering off your car)
that I cut then painted light brown.