A collection of 1000's of hobby models including figure models, garage kits, plastic kits, resin kits, vinyl kits,
& original sculpts submitted by members of the Clubhouse Forums

You have stumbled upon the "OLD" Model Museum


All models pictured above are completed works of Clubhouse members:
Pictured TOP: "Clubhouse Charlie" by Kitman, "Reagan" by 3Demonic,
"Batman" by HereBeMonsters, "Frankenstein" by Boxerdog, "Kong" by Saulcuba66,
"Curse of the Werewolf" by gk asylum, "Superman" by HereBeMonsters,
"Ceasar" by modelprisoner, "Spiderman" by RossAWaddell, "Halloween Nightmare" by FilmMkr,
"Daphnes Surprise" by Gards, "Rocketeer" by ClassicMonsters, "Frankenstein" by elmen,
"Mummy" by Danno, "Ultraviolet" by Carolic, "Enterprise E" by HereBeMonsters,
"Captain America" by Danno,"Yoda" by Tim Fortuna, "Vampirella" by pzcreations,
"Spiderman" by Kenny, "Guide to the Black Gate" by RickDTM,
"Acrocanthosaurus" by Martin Garratt, "Lone Ranger" by Wolfman66

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