Birth of a Legend
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Killer Kits
hand painted by
Keith Cousins

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I got this kit direct from Dave the owner of Killer Kits at a past Memro show in Birmingham. It was a kit that I had often looked at and admired, I decided to give it a go after seeing 2 build ups on the KK tables.

The kit comes in 4 parts, the base/Bat body, head, left arm and the statue figure. The whole kit wash washed, and whilst drying I planned the building stage. I decided to leave the head off and paint the flesh tones separate, due to the seam in the cape it could be added quite easily later without the need for putty. The left arm (the one with the clenched fist) was also left off for ease of painting the Bat figure, again this could be added without putty when the figure was completely painted.

After priming the kit with white auto primer, I started with the base. This was given a basecoat of Light Cinnamon then drybrushed around the edges with Caramel Brown. Once dry I started drybrushing the Greens, first Dark Green, then 2 lighter shades to get the desired effect. Next came the Bat figure, Medium Grey for his suit, Midnight Blue basecoat for the cape/gloves/boots then drybrushed with True Blue, the suit was shaded with Medium Grey and Dark Grey pastels.
The statue was basecoated with Matt Black then drybrushed with 3 lighter shades of Grey to get the granite effect I wanted. Flowers basecoated in Dark Green and drybrushed with Shamrock to pick up the leaves, the roses are Blood Red

I think this is a true classic Bat kit and one that I highly recommend to
any Bat collector.