Michael Keaton
hand painted by
Keith Cousins

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I picked this kit up on Ebay UK for 10, it had been built and painted but very badly. The seller said it was an original Billiken, although he didn't have the box, he had the instructions and extra head, and so I took a chance. I already built this kit and so knew
the original should be made of Black vinyl and the optional head of a dark flesh vinyl.
When the kit arrived it was 10 times worse than it looked in the photos on Ebay, but I hurriedly got to work on stripping the kit with Acetone. Underneath was the Black vinyl
I had been hoping for....Excellent!

 Once stripped of the paint I decided to use the optional head. To use this you need to cut away the Keaton face from the cowl that is already there. The second head in my opinion looks a touch better, simply for the fact that the cowl fits over it as it would in real life.

The whole kit was filled with Plaster Of Paris, I like my vinyl kits to "feel" solid, also this solves the problem of the kit "sinking" when the temperature changes.

 Onto the painting, Grey primer gave me a good base to start on. Over this the Batsuit and cape had 4 coats of Horizon Matt Black, this is the flattest Black I've found. To get the leather shine I used a Matt sealant (Humbrol), sprayed over the Horizon Black it gives a perfect finish.

The face was painted in the usual Tamiya Flesh and pastels for shading, only thing I would point out with the head is the eyes. The black make up around the eyes needs to be touched in once everything is sealed and finished, with the Matt Black again. This small, subtle touch really stands out on the finished kit.......and there I had an original Billiken for not a lot of money but a lot of prep work which was very much worth it.