Frank Gorshin as
The Riddler
1/3 resin bust
 sculpted by Chris Elizardo
Black Star Models

hand painted by
Keith Cousins

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This is the fourth villain from the 1966 Batman series that Chris Elizardo sculpted, and in my opinion is the best. The dynamic pose and the likeness to Frank Gorshin are spot on making this a great addition to my 66 collection.

This bust came in 4 very cleanly cast pieces, the torso/base, head & 2 arms,
the casting by Black Star
was very near perfect. After washing all the pieces I let them dry, next I pinned and glued the arms and head into position, filling any gaps with putty. Once the joints were sanded smooth the whole bust was given a coat of
white auto primer.

I started with the face using Tamiya Flat Flesh mixed with White to give me the base colour. To give a good coverage I normally use 4/5 coats, adding more white to the mix as I
go until I get the desired tone.
Once dried and sealed, I start
adding shadows to the creases
with different shades of pastels,
seal again. Then more pastels and face powder until Im happy with
the result.
Eyes, mouth, teeth were touched in next using a fine brush and various colours, the hair was base coated with Burnt Umber then drybrushed and washed with
several browns to add depth.


The body is a Medium Green basecoat with lighter shades used to pick up and highlight the creases, a Deep Green pastel was also used inside the creases. His gloves, mask and belt were finished in Lavender with the same technique used for shading and highlighting.

The base was Flat Matt Black and then drybrushed with Citadel Gun Metal and Chainmail to give a metallic finish.