Frankenstein Bust
sculpted by Paul Fay
Killer Kits 1/3th resin

hand painted by
Keith Cousins "Cous3"
Killer Kits is a "Recommended Clubhouse Dealer"

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I picked this bust up from Dave at Killer Kits last November at Memro. I already had the Wolfman bust that Paul Fay sculpted which is an excellent kit with plenty of detail, and when I saw the companion Frankie bust I was not disappointed. The detail and crisp features that Paul puts into his work are amazing, add the clean casting that Killer Kits are renowned for and you have a kit that is a pleasure to work with.

Very little clean up was required with only a minor seam needing attention, then it was straight onto washing the bust, letting it dry, and then a few light coats of auto primer before it was ready to paint.


I started with the flesh areas and base coated them with my old favorite Tamiya Flat Flesh mixed with a spot of Matt White, this took 4 coats to get a good even coverage. Whilst I was waiting for the flesh to dry I started on the name plate which, as with the Wolfman bust, takes the form of a strip of film with the characters name on. This was given a few washes of Citadel Snake Bite Leather and then a light wash of Burnt Umber to try and give it that sepia look. The lettering was highlighted with Citadel Bilious Green.


Once the flesh areas were dry I sealed them with a Matt sealant and added the veins along the forehead using a Pink/Burgundy mix, then gave
a thin wash mix of Flat Flesh/Medium Green/Medium Grey to the flesh areas and sealed again, this would then be my base to start adding the pastels.

I began with a Dark Green pastel and a very fine brush, putting the colour into the deep creases. Next came the Medium Green pastel, this was worked into the recesses such as the cheeks, under the chin, under the brow and also to blend into the Dark Green already used. Time to seal again ready for the next pastels. Now I added a Medium Grey to the same areas with a large brush and blended it all together with a Light Green, sealed again. Once satisfied that I had the right skin tones I started on the area around the eyes, lips, cuts and bolts. For this I used a mix of Purple/Mauve/Blue to give a bruised effect, this was then sealed and when dry toned down and blended into the surrounding areas by a light dusting of the Medium Grey and Medium Green.

Neck bolts are Citadel Gunmetal, also I removed the smaller resin pins that were originally on the neck bolts and used metal pins. The hair was base coated Matt Black and washed with Burnt Umber, a drybrush of Red/Brown picks up the highlights just right. His shirt is Dark Grey drybrushed with light Grey, the jacket is Matt Black drybrushed with Codex Grey (another favorite of mine).

Onto the base, the mud areas were base coated with Americana Mississippi Mud, given a wash of Burnt Umber and then drybrushed first with Americana Light Cinnamon. The rocks are Matt Black drybrushed with Medium Grey and Light Grey with moss added to finish.

I really enjoyed working with this sculpt, watch out for Paul’s next
1/3 horror bust in this series “The Creature”!