Fallen Knight
Mysteria Models
Scale 1/3
by "Cous3" 
(Keith Cousins)

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When did you ever see the Bat unshaven? Only when he has turned evil of course!
Here is Bat's with a difference, a vampire. A real cool kit that goes together like a dream,
even those long ears which came separate blended in without too much putty and
rubbing down. The tear in the costume and the puncture holes in the neck are spot
on and look real, the upside down Bat Sign on the Bat's chest say's it all.
My favorite part of this kit which took me the longest to get right and which you
might just be able to make out are the three tiny drops of blood on the base where
it has dripped from the chest wound. You know how blood droplets splatter when
they kit the floor, try doing it in miniature without splatting the blood.