Mummy's Curse
1/6th scale resin
Diceman Creations

by Keith Cousins "Cous3"

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I first saw this kit on Dice's site a year ago and had wanted it ever since,
so when my mate Mark Atherton (Wolfman of Bolton) went to this years WF
I got him to pick it up from Dice for me........Big thanks to Wolfie and Dice!

The kit itself was very cleanly cast
with only very minimal prep work
to get it ready for painting.
 A few minor seam lines were scrapped away and the kit
was given a good wash, dry
and then primed.

I started with the Mummy,
basecoated in Tan and drybrushed
with lighter shades of the same.
I added a few washes of
Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna and
Yellow Ochre. The head was simply basecoated in Dark Grey and drybrushed with lighter Greys
 and a fine dusting of Ivory.

The grave robbers shirt was basecoated in Dark Red, drybrushed with
lighter shades of the same, the folds were deepened using a Dark Brown
pastel. His head/arms were basecoated in Matt Flat Flesh and then the
skin colour/beard stubble I wanted was achieved by using different
shades of Brown pastels.

Base was basecoated with a Sand colour and washed with
Yellow Ochre and Burnt Sienna, highlighted with lighter shades.
The lettering was cleaned out with a Dremmel,
painted Bright Yellow and Matt Black.
It was attached by drilling the letters and pinning to the base.