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Before & After"
Scale 1/6 vinyl
Keith Cousins

I've had this kit built for awhile now and he's been up on the shelf gathering dust,
until one day recently I noticed that his back was sinking in. The reason for this
is that he was one of my early kits on returning to the hobby and although I had
filled the legs, I had left the upper torso empty.


I was also never really happy with the paint job, but my skills were limited then
and so he just sat (stood) there on the shelf. Now was my chance to have another
go at him and hopefully get it right this time, so here's what I did.........

The first thing was to disassemble the kit, easier said than done, it's not called
super glue for nothing! After plenty of heating with a hair dryer I finally managed
to pull him apart and get back to basics. *Note: If you do this with any of your
vinyl kits be VERY careful, the warm vinyl can tear very easily*.

I filled the torso/head/hands
and arms with tightly packed
strips of newspaper.
This would now solve
the "sinking" problem.

Once the kit was re-packed and solid
I reassembled it leaving the head and
lower arms off for painting.

I had remembered not doing this
first time around (said I was not
experienced at that time) and it made
painting them difficult to say the least.

The body was re-primed and given several
coats of Horizon Matt Black, this is without
doubt the flattest Black you will find and
perfect for Frankie's clothing.

The black was drybrushed with three
coats of different Greys to highlight
the folds and creases and to also give it
that dusty/dirty look.

The boots were painted Matt Black and
then drybrushed with Dark Brown for
that leather look, highlighted with
drybrushed Medium Brown.

After looking at literally dozens of different
build ups of Frankenstein, I decided to go
with a Greenish flesh color.

 Personal choice of coarse but to me it just
looks more "right" than normal flesh tones.

So I started with a few coats of Matte Flesh
to get a base down, once dried I used a
Medium Green 50/50 wash.
I then did three more washes
to get the color I wanted.

The shading was done using four different
Green shades of pastels plus Purple and
Grey for under the eyes and bruising
around the cuts and arm iron.

All this was tied nicely together with a
final Light Flesh wash which picked
up the high spots (forehead, nose).

Hair was Matt Black drybrushed
with two shades of Grey