Scale 1/6 - Vinyl
by Keith Cousins "Cous3"

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One of the first Batman kits that I ever did.
This Tsukuda kit was one that I wanted so bad
and paid a good price for.

The vinyl in these kits is quite thick
 and a very good quality casting.
There are only 7 parts so the instructions,
 in Japanese, and were not needed.
 Just as well, as my Japanese is non-existent.

The likeness to Keaton is pretty good.
The pose looks a bit boring,
 but it soon grows on you.
Once mounted on his Batbase
 he kind of comes to life.
(Base under construction).

The camera flash makes him look a bit glossy,
which he is not.
 You also lose most of the grey drybrushing
 in the photo.

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