Die Hard Grunt
(Conversion of John McClaine - Die Hard figure)
5th Sense, sculpted by Mike Hill
built & painted by
Jamie Cook "JamieCK"

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This kit started out as a sculpt of Bruce Willis by Mike Hill for 5th Sense.  I had already
built one as per the box art and felt it was a great pose with a lot of attitude.  I managed to
pick a couple more of these kits up from Forbidden Planet when they pulled out of kits.
I snapped them up as they had great potential for some kit bashing, these cost me
14.99 each instead of the usual 59.99!

 I cut the machine gun off the kit and replaced it with a pulse rifle I had left over from some Colonial Marine kits I'd purchased from Village Comics.  I sanded the hair from the head
and sculpted the helmet from Milliput, the body armor was also fashioned in the same
way.  The light also came from the spares drawer and was attached to a box shaped
piece of Milliput on the left shoulder.

The figure was pinned and glued to a base from an old Creatures Unlimited
Ripley & Newt kit.  I kept the egg which came with the base as these were quite
nice sculpts.  I sprayed everything with a white auto primer, then proceeded to
paint in my usual way.