Harley Quinn

 by Buck Steele "Steelefrog"

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Built as an entry for the Heroes Emporium WTWCII contest.
Batgirl was a Jimmy Flintstone kit of Yvonne Craig with repositioned legs , belt and helmet with hair. She was cut to fit in her custom made "Magician's Box" by straightening her legs and moving her arm across her body. Harley Quinn was a conversion from a "NightLife" resin blank kit and The Joker was a conversion from a " GeoMetric" vinyl kit of Lt Commander Data ...All the conversions were done with Aves Apoxie Sculpt... The stocks of the "Magician's Box" are removable and the curtains open and close using the Joker Themed Drama masks at the top of the diorama... The diorama was inspired by an Alex Ross painting...