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Polar Lights &
VintageBwain resculpted head

Built & Painted

I would like to thank TOM PARKER "VintageBwain" for the resculpted Kong.
Sculpted by Mark VanTine.
If you are interested in Tom's products please visit him here.

Replacement Heads, Kits, Bases

These are pictures of the original Aurora re-issue King Kong

Casting NO aspersions on the
modeler of this original kit,
(he did a great job on what he had)
it still looks like a circus monkey
caught in the headlights of a car.

The base is way out of proportion
to the figure.

The seams are horrible.

And Fay Wray's hair looks like
an ice cream cone.

I had several ideas for a new base. The tree from the Revell Batman is very close to
the tree from the movie. I also thought the Polar Lights Pterandon would be good,
but I felt it needed a cliff to complete it (too much work).
I settled on the Polar Lights Snap Kit Tyrannosaurus from MegaHobby.
Still, a lot more puttying than I planned on.

Here you can see that I discarded the
girls hair and replaced it wth Aves.
Kong was painted with Testors Flat Black. Face done with a Gray mix.

A considerable amount of Squadron putty was used on the shoulders and hips of Kong.
A dremel was used to etch in the hair. Similar method was used for T-Rex.
The seams, in both,  were perplexing.

The base under the T-Rex is plaster.
I bought a cheap $7 rubber rock mold from
the Hobby Store. They are used for model
train scenes an come in a variety of sizes.

The T-Rex was painted with a mixture of
Delta Creamcoat Forest Green, Brown,
and Black. Washed in Testors Black.
The belly is Ivory with some Brown.

Both mouths have multiple coats of Future Floor Wax for gloss.

Depicted below is the modifications that were made to the head.
The middle photo shows the model as originally designed.
Aside from the obvious Bwain re-sculpted face, the back of the head was formed with
Aves Apoxie to achieve the cranial bump. The head was repositioned downward and
also filled in with Aves. It was covered with Squadron putty and the fur was done
with a Dremel. The 3rd photo outlines all the Aves filler.

I tried to keep thigs dark, for more of the movie atmosphere.
The head was angled down, because I thought he should be looking at her.

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