Iron Man
Horizon 1/6 scale
 by Spock

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Lousy photography !
But a lot of effort went into this model.

First off, I removed about inch from the back waist and filled the stomach in with Aves Apoxie to make up the gap.  The original stance made him look like he was looking for quarters on the sidewalk. This straightened the pose by about 35%.

Secondly, the armour was raised out by about 1/8th inch, also with Aves Apoxie.

The picture doesn't do justice to the 9 or 10 coats of semi-gloss. I didn't want to over do the gloss and make him look like he just came off the showroom floor.

Paints used:
Delta Creamcoat
Artist Gesso for a base.
Bright Red with a little Lamp Black.
Gold with Yellow.


I have got to save up for a digital camera.