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The Flash
Built & Painted


Okay, Revell never made a re-issue Flash

It's actually a modification of the
1999 Revell "Butt Ugily" Superman

I always wanted a Flash,
but the availability & cost
are nuts. So, I converted
my "What the Hell were
they thinking
" Superman.

Below you will see what I did

First, I removed the cape.
Soaked it in Pine-Sol to remove the paint.
Filled in the cape holes, on the shoulders
with Aves.

Then proceeded to SAND !
Photo to the left shows the areas
that required extensive sanding.

I then smoothed out the sanding with
Aves and Squadron Putty
and sanded some more.

Next came out the dremel and like Victor Frankenstein
started hacking away at the limbs.

The 3 major cuts are
described to the left.

The right arm was
positioned across the
chest after the elbow cut.

The left arm was cut at
the shoulder and positioned
further back.

The right leg cut at the top
was brought up.

Everything was filled in
with Aves and more
sanding. The Aves was
wet to reduce sanding.

Now here comes the weird part. I spent days trying to figure out the
head ornaments.  Here was my solution.

I put a small lump of Aves on either side of the head.
I took the cap off a marker and with the hollow end
stamped out the round part.  I used the ridges on the
same marker to create the ridges on the soles of the boots.
The wings were cut out of those small formica chip
samples you find at Home Depot, with a Dremel tool.
Also, needed Aves to blend the neck area.

The insignia were all hand drawn and
all the paints were basic Delta Cream Coat.

Anyway, this may not be the best Flash you have ever seen,
but I no longer have to look at that "Butt Ugily" Superman.
I finally have a Flash and if Monogram did make one
it probably would have looked worse.

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DC Comics Wing of the Model Museum

Not a seam to be found !