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Darth Vader
MPC 1977
Ron Sherwood

This was my Darth Vader from the 70ís; however it has been rejuvenated.
I disassembled, repainted, puttied, sanded and done all the usual things that needed
o be done. I did repaint his eyes and saber as they were made from the original
issue glow material. I would of kept it as glow; but, due to my earlier modeling days the
old Testors tube glue had done a number on them; therefore I choose to paint him as close
to the real thing as I could get. I added a cloth robe and cape, and as was done in the movies attached it with a small chain. His armor was painted with a high gloss and his outfit done
in a flat black. This really brought out the differences in his costume. I am pleased with
how he turned out. I must confess that Darth was my first figure model ever, and also
the first figure model I decided to work on since I got back into the hobby. 
I think thatís pretty cool!