Polar Lights
Ken Kwil "2 B Continued"

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I wanted it to look more like the box art.  The tower windows were enlarged and a strip of Plastruct was added to make four windows instead of the two.  I also changed the front windows to look more like the box art by using Testers putty.  The back fins had APOXIE SCULPT (Thanks for the tip NOSTALGIAN) added to make them so they look more like the ones shown on the box.  All of the seems were covered over with TESTORS putty.  Not a seem to be found.  The hardest seems to get rid of were the ones by the rocket tube covers.  The photo that has the SEAVIEW over the model box was done with thread.  The Seaview was hung in just the right angle and the box was placed under it.  Making for a unique shot
of the SEAVIEW coming out from the art.