Mistress of the Dark
 by Jens Schnabel

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I finished another kit for a friend,who had
it totaly broken and damaged in his drawer.
It's the original Elvira Kit by Screamin',
this one has become very rare.

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At the beginning I really didn't like it,
because of it's slight but noticable
proportion- distortion problems.
The more I handeled the figure
the more I started liking the kit.
Now I really like it.
The size is impressive and Elvira's
body contour is pretty nice too!

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the demolished kit,
before I started the fix-up but at least I took a few shots of her,
before I gave her back to my friend. The only real mentionable
thing here would be, that I used acrylics and oils.
I never used oils on a kit before. I tried it on the flesh-parts and
I was very surprised, how nice the paint would apply and handle.
The surface looks more real than most air-brush jobs, because
of being able to really control the sharp-and softness of blends.