Prehistoric Scenes
Giant Bird,
Three Horned, &
Spiked Dinosaurs
Built & Painted
J.B.Weeks "Glusniffer"

The 1st of the series I ever had. My 7th birthday!
Lots of options with this one.
Sanding and (arggggh!) putty! But a dry-brushers dream!
Worth Ya time and effort!

One of the more fun kits in the series because of the choice in color schemes.
Decided to follow the box art and added a few Blue-Jay feathers for affect.
Might pick up another bird and build it in the straight-legs position and paint it in
duller tones to represent the female of the spieces as the males are usually more
brilliantly colored in the bird kingdom. Fun model!

Spike and Trike were always two of my favorites! Same kit, but different heads,
fore-legs and base parts. Again, I followed the color scheme on the boxes.
Since the bases are the same and interlock, Ive since added an xtra base to spread
it out! I'm also working on a conversion base made from xtra parts from the series.
Again the RARE wash on the horns and dry-brush heaven!