Prehistoric Scenes
Tar Pit
Built & Painted
J.B.Weeks "Glusniffer"

This one was also My favorite as a kid! Not much to play with, just a really cool kit and a challenge to paint. This is one case where I did use a wash. The wash being on the horns of the Rhino. I painted the horns with a white-yellow combo and then washed with a thin brown. I do this on almost any kit with bones. I cant wait to score a Pirates of the Carribean Dead Mans Raft to try this on. Anyhow, Ive upgraded this kit since this pic to include a sabre-tooth skull and a rib-cage. Im considering a vine running up the tree and maybe some moss in the top! Got it fer a sweeeet price on the Bay but it had been pre-painted and parts had that softened styrene from God knows what. My friend calls it "Model Cancer." After a few EZ-Off baths and some part swappin, Voila! Again, a really cool kit and another piece of Me inner child restored!