T-800 Endoskeleton



Terminator Models

This kit is a 1/8 scale I believe and is made out the same plastic as model cars.
The kit came with the figure and a simple gun.
I first took away the crappy gun the kit came with and loaded
him up with a couple of cool guns from some of the
McFarlane Toys "Wetworks" action figure line.

I sort of went nuts with this kit for a diorama.  I was thinking to make a small base for him and use a couple of junk parts to give it the torn up future look. As I was working using plaster paper for model train landscaping, and it it just wasn't coming together at all and I was becoming pretty frustrated with the whole thing, I am sure you all have been there as well.

Anyways I just had one of those times when an accident turned into a great advancement.  I was going to use a little regular plaster of paris on a part or two and low and behold I dropped the bowl I was using and the whole thing spilt on top of it!!  I was furious until I realized that the plaster everywhere made all my parts look buried more in the rubble and blended stuff together more which is exactly what it needed.

After painting it up it turned out to be really good and I added a lot more stuff to it.  In the diorama I used parts from an original GI Joe headquarters landing pad, and a tank from the Marvel Toybiz kit "Beast", and also parts from the jetpack of the Horizon "Robocop" kit.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at shannel@magiccablepc.com    Thanks for looking at my work!