Seaquest DSV


This is a plastic kit, like that of model cars. It went together pretty easy and didn't have a whole lot of prep work before painting.   I didn't go with the usual paint scheme I see for this model with the crazing and noodle airbrush look on the body of the ship.

I decided to just go with a nice blue and drybrush in some grays and rely on the kits detail. I like the base that the kit came with that showed the sub sort of floating along.  But I decided to take it one step further and try to get the sub to appear floating on it's own with no support from the bottom.

Luckily I had a cave looking piece from an old Masters of the Universe playset that looked perfect for the sub to be coming out of.  I used a piece of foam core behind it and some green fake flower foam for the sea bottom which I carved
on with a knife.  I attached the sub to the back of the board inside the cave piece, this was a trick to get it to have enough hold to keep the whole ship in mid air, a little patience and a lot of hot glue went here.  I also used some old model car parts and such for some junk at the sea bottom and some train modeling  bushes for some plant life

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