Snake Pliskin
"Escape From New York"
Jimmy Flintstone


This is a 1/6 scale resin kit, it has a very good likeness to Kurt Russell.
It also is a very affordable kit which is kind of rare in the garage kit field.
I would recommend this kit to anyone as it was pretty easy to get ready
for painting as well. 

I painted Snake a little different than in either of the Escape films. I leaned towards combining what I liked about the costumes in both films and a little imagination.  The diorama was all scratch built by me and I started with some green fake flower foam and carved it up a bit to make the stone walls.  I used some of that stone paint to do the walls, this works good because it also seals up the wall from crumbling so easy as the green fake flower foam will do without anything on it.

I added a couple wooden crates I built from balsa & bass wood.  I airbrushed a bit of graphitti on the back wall too.  I used just a plain board for the floor and coated it with a gravel, dirt,  and "Modge Podge" mixture.  To top it off I made the barbwire rolls with some picture hanging wire.

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Thanks for looking at my work!