Heavy Metal
Streamline Productions


This is a 1/6 scale resin kit.  This kit is a very challenging piece to get together, it had some pieces that just didn't fit very good at all. But that is part of the fun to get it to look right. It comes with a ton of extras to add to the kit like wires, welding tools, armor pieces for the robot, etc..

This kit was a blast to paint
and I tried to give the girl a
shiny wet look to simulate her
being very sweaty, and also tried
to make her white tank top
a bit transparent as well.

I went with a greenish tint to the robot with hints of copper.  The only things I added to this piece was the square box part of the base with the wire mesh around it.

The kit comes with a grated floor looking platform for the figures to sit on, the molding made it appear to have holes like a grated floor but they didn't go all the way through.  I took the liberty of drilling out all of those holes, about a zillion holes!  Then I added the box like base so I could have a light inside it that shines up through all the holes.  Sorry I couldn't get this nice effect on the pics.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at shannel@magiccablepc.com
Thanks for looking at my work!