Dragon Hunter

Comstock Models

This is a 1/6 scale resin kit that is called Dragon Hunter but is actually based on the character "Angela" from the comic book "Spawn". The kit is really well done and had a lot of detail to it.

First, I painted the base coat on the skin areas by hand, then using the first of two new styles to me I used artist pastels to do
all the shading and highlights in the muscles instead of my airbrush.  This surprisingly worked very well, you have to build up the tones though and get a coat of clear lacquer between layers. I then painted all the rest of the figure, which takes quite a long while with all the great detail.

The second method I usually don't do a lot is prepainting before assembling, I've read a lot of articles about how this is better but I just never really seemed to need to do that on the kits I have done.  On this kit it worked great and it made things a lot simpler by prepainting the sword, arms, knife, and the dragon base before assembly.

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