Bowen Designs
1/8 scale resin

It had very tight fitting seams with little to no prep work to be done before assembling and painting.  The kit was just a really fun one to paint because it had so much detail. I used a combination of flesh tones and a light purple for the skin areas with my airbrush. The rest of the kit was hand painted with a bush and I used a combination of acrylics and also enamels. I find that enamels look a lot better to me on colors like Chrome, Gold, Steel, Copper, etc. versus the acrylic versions of the metallics.
TIP: I learned the hard way
Just don't hit much clear coat on enamel metallics
or it will become tacky and never truly dry
The base is a simple wood platform I bought at
Hobby Lobby and then rubbed with wood stain.
Please feel free to contact me at  with any questions or comments or even tips to make my work better.
 Thanks for looking at my models!