Unknown Producer
1/6 scale resin

The kit is based on the female comic book character called "Dawn"
by  artist Joseph Michael Linsner.
The kit came with the figure only and I scratch built the diorama.

For the diorama I used a piece of
that green foam that is used to put fake flowers in.
I carved the symbol into the foam of the three tears logo from the comic with an exacto knife.

I inserted the hands from an old action figure and used a set of fake roses with stems from my local Hobby Lobby for around the hands and around Dawn's hand.
The plate on the back wall was a tacky red color when I got it from a local antique shop, it has a bunch of oriental carvings on it that I thought looked kinda cool.
I repainted it the bronzed color and hot glued it to the back.

The flooring and square base I built out of bass wood from Hobby Lobby as well and topped it off with some shelf paper from Wal-Mart.  Finally for the logo I cut off the logo from a Dawn set of cards box and glued it to a piece of foam core and attached it to some spare parts from another kit. I also used the gargoyles from another kit for the top of the wall to hold the logo.

The figure of Dawn I used a lot of airbrush and washes to get the skin tones, eye makeup, see through corset
and leggings.
Feel free with any questions to contact me at  shannel@magiccablepc.com
Thanks for looking at my kit.