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I stripped the Sideshow bust with EZ Off and some paint stripper
(the environmentally friendly- non toxic kind).
As anyone who reads the boards knows- it was a bit of a pain to
get the gloss off- had to put the edge of a dull knife under the gloss
and pop it off once the cleaners had softened it a bit.

Once primed, I base coated with a Freak Flex pale Flesh with Ghost White.
From there it is all transparent paints (Medea) built up.
I used Rose and Royal Blue thinned way back with Windshield washer fluid squiggled all over. On top of the veining and under color work I used wide
sprays of  transparent Ochre.
Building up the color took time and patience.
Once all the skin was complete I used a combination of washes
and colored pencil to work the hair and the eyes.

I wish I had a really specific trick to pass along about the eyes,
but, honestly I just kept looking at close ups of eyes
(pulled off the web) and had at it.
Of course Tamiya gloss coat helped make things look wet and icky.
 I WISH Sideshow had done many of their pieces unpainted, it is
amazing how much detail is covered in their painting process.