Curse of The Werewolf

sculpted by Mike Hill
Killer Kits
Killer Kits is a Clubhouse Recommended Dealer
hand painted by
Keith Cousins

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This is the second time I have painted this bust/kit, but this time it
was for a commission. The kit itself was the usual very clean casting
that is synonymous with Killer Kits, and only needed very minor clean
up before I could get it washed and primed.

I started with the face, base coating with Tamiya Flat Flesh with a
drop or two of White to lighten the mix. When dried and sealed I
started applying dark flesh pastels to the creases and around
the hair/fur line, then sealed again.
Mike Hill had told me awhile ago that he visualized that the face
should have a purple/reddish tint to it, as if straining. With that in mind
I applied different shades of purple/lavender/red/gray pastels. These
were put on the cheeks and brow, working from the dark of the eyes
to lighter on the cheeks.

The fur was base coated with Dark Grey
and streaked with a Red/Brown wash.
Over this was dry brushed 4 shades of Grey,
along with White and Silver. A White shirt
shaded with the use of a medium Grey pastel.
The base is simply Matt Black basecoat with
3 shades of Grey worked into it by dry brushing,
 then moss added to age it.