Blue Meanie
NiteLife Productions 5" resin
hand painted by Keith Cousins "Cous3"

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This was another of those "in between" kits that you do, just something
to pick up whilst my main project is drying or waiting to be sanded.
It's a small 5" kit by Nitelife of "His Blueness" from the
Beatles Yellow Submarine movie.

The kit needed a fair bit of clean up
even for such a small piece, but
once put right, washed and dried,
he was primed with White auto primer.Pretty basic paint up here, nothing too fancy other than the body. Basecoated in Midnight Blue
washed with Citadel Blue Wash which is kind of "inky" and gives a nice tint. Drybrushed with Sea Blue and then a mix of Sea Blue and
Ivory to the highlights.
A fun kit to work on and paint, I remember these little monsters scarring the hell out of me as a
7 year old at the movies.