Agent Smith
sculpted & produced by Mike Baldwin
1/6th resin

hand painted by

Keith Cousins "Cous3"

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This has to be one of the cleanest cast kits I’ve ever built.
The kit comes in 8 pieces including two heads, one with shades
and the other without. Very minor clean up was required to get this
kit ready to build, just a quick sanding to remove a few faint seams
and three tiny pin holes to fill, not bad for a hand poured casting!

After washing the pieces, I went about
the usual dry fitting and pinning
process, no dramas here either, each
piece sat well and surfaces matched up
perfect. I pinned the head and hands
but left them off for ease of painting,
once painted they simply slotted into
the pre-drilled holes. No putty required
as the joins were hidden up the sleeves
and inside the collar. Again only minor
puttying was required on the other
leg/arms joints and once dried and
sanded he was ready for painting.

I started with a few coats of
White auto primer on all the parts (remember the head and hands were kept separate).
The flesh areas were
base coated with
Tamiya Flat Flesh/White mix,
then various shades of pastels were used for shading and sealed. His hair was base coated in Burnt Umber and drybrushed with different shades of Caramel Brown for highlights. Sun glasses are Gloss Black, the ear piece and wire were made up from fine fuse wire wrapped around a tooth pick to get the coil, and Milliput used for the ear piece, then painted Khaki.

The hands were painted using the same method as the head,
the hand gun is basecoated Flat Black and drybrushed with
Horizon Steel for a metallic finish.

His suit was a slight problem, I’d watched the movies several times and noticed it had a slight Green tinge to it. With this in mind I hit the Hobby shop where I found an unusual colour called Wrought Iron. The first few coats had me worried, but after a few more the colour deepened to a nice Black/Green.

The shirt is plain White shaded with light Grey pastels, tie is Black drybrushed with Codex Grey and the tie pin is Citadel Chainmail.

Shoes were painted Gloss Black, soles and laces Flat Black again drybrushed lightly with the same Codex Grey.

Congratulations to Mike Baldwin (MikeyB) for sculpting and producing what is a very dynamic kit that went together like a dream…….Well done Mike!