Monogram Illuminator Styrene Frankenstein
with Dice Replacement Head

by Keith Cousins "Cous3"

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This kit started as the Monogram styrene Frankenstein, but I’ve changed a few things to make it a little different.

First is the Diceman replacement resin head of Glen Strange, I like this character and the Dice head is a spot on likeness. Painted with normal flesh tones, as were the other flesh areas, and then Green and Grey pastels were used for the “Frankie” look.

I didn’t like the outstretched arms which is how you normally see this kit.
My first attempt was to use the arms from the PL Frankenstein Flivver kit,
but after acquiring the kit I realised they could not be used.
The Flivver arms are deformed and didn’t look right with this kit,
back to the drawing board then!

After playing around with the original arms I found a position which I felt
okay with, this did however mean a little cutting away where the arms met
the shoulders. A bit of grinding with my Dremmel, and a bit of filling with
Milliput soon had the arms in a better pose.

Next I wanted him to be walking straight or even.
The kit originally has him stepping off a grave with one foot slightly higher.
To rectify this I simply extended the leading boot/foot with Milliput
to give the required position.

Finally the last thing that bugged me with this kit was the moulded rope
around his waist… had to go, so I again Dremmeled it off and filled
the area flat. I then added a piece of twisted twine which had a more
realistic look. The base is one of my simple ones, Plaster of Paris
spread thin and the stones cut in when semi dry.