Dr. Tongue
1/3 scale resin
sculpted by Neil Simms
produced by Killer Kits

by "Cous3"
(Keith Cousins)

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When I first saw this bust I knew I had to have it, the gore, the detail,
the subject matter all appealed to me. I have a few Neil Simms sculpts and let me tell you in case you don't........
"Go get some because they are excellent!!"

This kit needed NO clean up or filling at all, I only needed to give it the usual good
scrub in washing up liquid, let it dry and then primed it with White auto primer.
I decided to start with the face, hand and the flesh areas around the edges of his suit.
These were base coated in Tamiya Flat Flesh, when dry I went over them again
with the same Flat Flesh but with a hint of green/blue, this wash was sponged
on to get the mottled look.

The flesh areas were sealed and I got out the pastels and mixed up Grey,
Dark Green, Dark Blue and Purple, which gave me an "interesting" color,
but the Dead skin color I was looking for. This was applied with a large
brush very gently in several layers.

The shirt had a few coats of Americana Dark Grey drybrushed
with Horizon Grey (which is very light).
The tie had to be that horrible Mustard color that ALL doctors and
school teachers wore back in the 70's and thought was very trendy...lol.....
Drybrushed with the same color with a hint of white added to lighten it.
The waistcoat and jacket are Americana Midnight Green
drybrushed with Horizon Medium Green which gives the suit a kind of velvet look.

Onto the best bit for me.....the internal organs
and guts. Base coated in Citadel Elfin Flesh
which has a nice kind of sheen to it, then I
 started with the washes. Burgundy & Brown, Blood Red to start, once dried I touched in the liver, spleen heart and a few other bits I didn't recognize with Pink/Burgundy and drybrushed them with Blue and Red. From my butchering days I know that rotting guts have a nasty Green tinge to them, so another wash of Dark Green was added, now I was getting the look I wanted. All that was left was to add the final blood wash over the top and gloss the guts.

The base is base coated in Horizon Flat Black drybrushed with three shades of Horizon Greys, the lettering was base coated with the same Flat Black and drybrushed with Citadel Bronze. As a
final touch I added the blood/drool from
his mouth and open neck wounds, for
this I used fishing line dipped in thick
Super Glue to give the drips.