Christopher Lee
Killer Kits 1/3 scale
sculpted by Mike Hill
 by Keith Cousins "Cous3"

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What can I say about this kit?
The likeness is so good that it's eerie, Mike got this spot on, a great kit to work with.

After the prep work which included washing, filling a few spots and priming, the kit was ready to paint.

I started on the face using a basecoat of Matt Flat Flesh, the initial shading was with different shades of pastels. After being sealed a few times between dustings I tried my hand at using women's face powder, a first for me (boy that stuff 'ain't cheap!). This is now firmly on my list of "must have's", the effects you can achieve are outstanding
(cheers Wolfie!).

Once I was satisfied with look I had achieved I painted the hair Matt Black and drybrushed with Codex Grey. This is a great shade, not too dark nor too light and blends great with the Matt Black. His eyes are probably the best I've ever painted......for some reason they just turned out near perfect. I put it down to an article I read in AFM where a guy was doing a 1/1 scale bust of Lee using make-up....it does help to study!

The base is the usual stone effect using Matt Black again and drybrushing with three coats of lighter Greys. The beads are Ruby with a drybrush of Light Red, just enough to light the tops of the beads. Lettering is of course Blood Red!