Phantom of the Opera
Polar Lights
by "Cous3"
(Keith Cousins)

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This is only the third styrene figure kit that I have made, the others being PL's Headless Horseman and the TB Rhino. Styrene is not my favorite medium for figures, it needs a lot of prep work and the detail can be a bit "soft" IMO.

However, after seeing a few build ups of this kit, I thought I'd give it a go, but only if I could find one of Ed Diceman's replacement resin heads. Eventually The Commish came to my rescue with a replacement head and so I took the dive.

I first completed the base, this consists of a flag stone bottom, organ and accessories and the Phantoms mask. The stone base was easy, Matt Black with various shades of grey to give it that stone look. Next the organ, this has to be painted before assembly to get into all the nooks and crannies, it also helps when painting the keyboard. I chose to go with a very dark Brown with NO grain effect, I remembered my Gran had an old piano years ago and tried to copy what I remembered that was like. Assembling the organ is straight forward and is actually a very good fit, mainly because most of the edges are square/flat.

The props that sit on top of the organ were a pleasure to paint, especially the candles and
the holder, again no real problems there so
onto the figure.

Figure assembly is straight forward and the fit was very good, I puttied the joins but ended up sanding nearly all the putty off as the seams just disappeared once rubbed down with wet & dry paper. I looked at the figure and something just looked "wrong", it was the bow tie, it looked a bit naff and sat far to low, almost on his had to go! I remembered that I had a spare bow tie from my Billiken Joker kit that I hadn't used which would be just about the right scale, plus it was vinyl which would allow me to heat it up and get a good fit under his chin where it should have been put by PL.

The shirt was Matt White, the waist coat a Medium Yellow with a few drops of Orange, again pastels for shading. The bow tie was painted a mixture of Burgundy/Red and drybrushed by adding a few drops of White to the mix. The suit was given a few coats of Matt Black drybrushed with Codex Grey
(my favorite Grey for going over Black with).

With the figure completed, except for attaching the bow tie, I moved onto the cloak which came in 4 parts. The cloak had to have the inside painted before attaching it to the figure, for this I used Dark Red paint followed by Dark Grey pastels for the folds. Once dry the back of the cloak is attached first to the figure, then the left and right sides, these are pretty simple and straight forward. However the fourth part of the cloak is not, it fits onto the lower front and has the worst seam ever. Dremmel, putty, Dremmel, sand, putty, get the picture, once you over come this plastic nightmare the rest is simple. More Matt Black and a very light drybrush of Grey and the cloak is finished, all that was left was to heat the bow tie and position it.

The Diceman head is so much better than the original and was great to paint.
I used Matt Flat Flesh as a base coat and added shading with a variety of pastels,
until I achieved the look I wanted, same went for the hands.