Curse of The Werewolf Bust sculpted by Mike Hill

by Keith Cousins

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This is my all time favorite kit, a perfect sculpt by Mike Hill which really portrays Oliver Reed at his best as the Werewolf.
The kit itself is so cleanly cast that I had to look real hard to find anything to do before washing and priming it, and then it was only minor rubbing down on a few high points. Only one word is needed to describe this whole kit "Quality".

I started by using a white primer on both the bust and the base that comes with the kit. The face then had several very thin coats of Tamiya Matt Flesh/Matt White to give it a good base before I got to work with the pastels. I used a mix of four different shades of flesh pastels to get the shading I wanted. The colouring around the eyes and cheeks is a mix of red, purple, blue and maroon pastels. I remembered reading one of Mikes posts at the ClubHouse where his advice was that there should be more purple/red in the face, hope I managed to get it right Mike?

The fur was basecoated with very Dark Grey and drybrushed with lighter shades of Grey with a final dusting of Tan/Blonde. Shirt is White with creases and folds shaded with a light Grey pastel.

The base was base coated in Matt Black and drybrushed with four shades of lighter greys, the bars are Steel drybrushed with GunBolt for that metal effect.
Now this is a perfect kit but I wanted to make it "mine" and so added two of my own touches to it. First is the extra blood flowing from his lips. This was done by taking some very fine (12oz B/S) fishing line and dipping it in superglue to achieve the drips/drool, when dry I simply painted gloss Red and attached to the blood already on the lips.

Second is the final base that the kit sits on. For this I took an oval base and glued an extra inch high piece of wood the same shape as the original kit base, this lifted the kit from the oval base. I then put a layer of plaster of paris around the base and added different sizes of real small rocks, any gaps were filled with smaller bits of cat litter. Again this was base coated with Matt Black and drybrushed with lighter Greys. The exposed areas between the rocks was painted with Dark Brown and drybrushed with a more earthy color. To finish the whole piece I added moss in different areas, this is simply the grass you get for model train dio's, I used PVA glue and sprinkled the grass/moss onto it.