Imai Capt Scarlet Series
painted by
Keith Cousins

These were the first kits I did on returning to the hobby over 2 years ago,
they are not brilliant but gave me loads of fun making and painting them

Imai Capt Scarlet SPV
1/43 scale injection plastic
One of the first "hardware" kits I did on returning to the hobby.
This kit has two missiles which fire from the upper body (unlike the SPV from
the series which fires a single missile from an opening in the front just above
the fender). The missiles are spring loaded and do actually have a "kick" to them.
The other part of this kit I like is that the 2 pairs of front wheels are able to turn
side to side  by using an adjustable knob on the undercarriage.
Hand painted with enamel paint, I hadn't discovered acrylics the

Imai UFO Sky 1
1/43 scale injection plastic
The second "hardware" kit I did, Sky 1 from the 70's series UFO.
This craft for those of you who are not familiar with the series, sat at the front
of a submarine (SkyDiver) and was launched by the sub pointing it's nose upwards
when a UFO entered the Earth's atmosphere. Piloted in the series by Peter Gordino.
Again this has 2 missiles that actually fire from under the wing tips and has a rear door
that folds down. The small Shado Mobile on the base is supposed to sit inside Sky 1.
Not sure what I was trying to achieve with the base, I wanted Sky 1 in the air and so a
support was used to suspend it above the base. Being new to the hobby when this kit
was done I guess I didn't have much idea,so the base and support were just painted
multi colors. Mat enamels were used and are as close as I could get to the actual prop.

Imai Capt Scarlet SPV, SPC and MSV
1/64 scale injection plastic
Three nice but small vehicles from the Captain Scarlet series painted with enamels.