Sundown Vampire
Teenage Werewolf
sculpted by Neil Harvey
Scale 1/4 Resin
painted by Keith Cousins "Cous3"

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This is one of two pre-painted busts that caught my eye awhile ago, I didn't see the potential for it at first until I took a closer look.

It was finished with a bronze type effect which really did not do the piece justice, so I took my primer to it.

Base coated in Flat Flesh and all the shading done with different pastels,
forget washes, this is a much better way of getting those shadows in the folds. The jacket is matt black dry brushed with grey on the edges and then caramel brown to give it that worn leather look.

The second of the pre-painted busts that I picked up, again I didn't see the potential until I picked it up and looked closely at it. As before it was finished in an awful bronze type effect.

Depending how far into the "change" he is, I like my Werewolf's to have a very dark brown skin, to me it makes him more of an animal. So the face was base coated with cameral brown and then dark brown pastels worked into the folds and the fur/hair line. Fur was base coated in very dark brown and then dry brushed with lighter shades of brown. The t-shirt was given a few coats of dark grey and dry brushed with lighter shades, the folds then had grey pastels worked into them, same for the red jacket.