of the
Mike Hill
Scale 1/6 Resin
Keith Cousins "Cous3"

This kit was one of the best I have ever
worked with, everything about it felt good.
Minimal clean up and went together like
a dream.
The Werewolf was base coated in a very 
dark grey and then had two further coats of
a lighter shade of grey dry brushed over it.
 The final coat was a very light dusting of
dry brushed white/ivory.
I used pastels on his face and shirt to
deepen the creases and folds, this
technique is now one of my
favorite to use on my kits.
The boots are base coated with very
flat black and then drybrushed with
dark brown.
This gives them a real leather effect.

The ridges and folds were then picked
out by dry brushing a lighter caramel
brown, sealed with a satin finish to give
the final leather riding boot look.
I felt that the base needed a little extra,
other than just the rock at the front wit
the title on, so I added two more smaller
rocks and some wolfbane in bloom
to finish it off.
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