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Joker & Riddler
Horizon Scale 1/8
Keith Cousins"Cous3"

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This started as a simple build but I wanted more, so first a base was needed.
I wanted floorboards, so thin wooden strips were cut to length and glued
to the wooden base. They were then stained, the gaps darkened, the nails
touched in, and then sealed.
I then wanted something next to the Throne, a small table, I found the ideal
piece along with the candle stick, at a dolls house shop. The scale is very
slightly off but doesn't notice to much.
The books (3 volumes) were made from thin plywood, the cover and spines
were created on my computer and then miniaturized to fit. Bombs were made
from Milliput with a bit of plastic sprue for the top, and then a fuse to finish them off.
The Riddler was an after thought, I had just bought him, and had the
over-sized boxing glove from an old Harley Quinn figure, the two just
seemed to be right together for the scene and so The Riddler was added.
As The Riddler was resin I couldn't reposition his head, therefore I added
the smoke from The Jokers gun which gave him something to "look" at.