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Night Stalker
Scale 1/8 - Resin

Keith Cousins

This is a kit that I had 
wanted for a long time.

The quality of the cast was
excellent with only minor
clean up required.

It was also my first
"real" resin kit and pinning
every joint and building
it up from the base bit
by bit was all new to me
but I enjoyed every
minute of it


The base has the dead Alien,
Predator has just dispatched.
 I liked this idea but wanted
a little extra, hence the lance
embedded in the Alien chest.
This was a piece of sprue with
the blades cut from excess vinyl flashing (which we all keep just
 in case......right!).
Thin strips of leather were
fixed to the shaft.
I also added the half skull on the
Predators' belt, again just
something to set him aside from
other build ups.