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(Danny Devito)

Scale 1/6 - Vinyl

Keith Cousins "Cous3"

This kit is very similar to the Horizon Penguin which is in my "to do crate"

The pose is very slightly different, and to tell the truth, I think I prefer this one.
One reason being that the stripes on the trousers are "cut in" on this figure.

 Again good quality vinyl with only 7 or 8 parts keeping the old puttying to a minimum.

I had to keep watching different clips from the Batman Returns movie to get him right, that vest was a real tough one!

As I did this kit when I first started back into figure modeling my techniques were pretty limited and I didn't know many "tricks of the trade", for example, the coat is plain black dry brushed with shades of gray. If I was doing the kit now I would use an old toothbrush to get that mottled effect of the tweed coat. 

 The microphone stand was made from some plywood I had knocking around.

 The Mayor poster was scanned from a book and minimized on the PC.

 The microphones were made from
bits of sprue and an eraser cut into
small pieces then put on wire with
4 or 5 strands of fine copper wire
twisted together to make the
microphone cables.