Butterball Cenobite
Scale 1/4
by "Cous3"
(Keith Cousins)

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A simple kit to build only having two main parts.
I like my vinyl kits to have some weight to them,
not only for balance but to give them a good solid feel.
The base of the kit was filled to a depth of 2" with plaster,
when this had dried the rest of the base and upper torso
were filled with tightly packed newspaper.
Well as this is a big hollow kit it can deform if it's subjected
to too much heat. I've tried all kinds of spray foam fillers,
resins etc and the old tightly packed newspaper comes
out tops every time.....try it.

Base coated with
Humbrol Matt Black
dry-brushed with several
shades of Grey.
Sealed with
Humbrol Matt sealant.

The face was painted
with a mix of
Flesh & White
and dry-brushed with
very light Green as I
wanted a dead skin look.

The smeared blood effect
on the apron was achieved
by a small amount of
Blood Red on a cloth,
wiping most off and then
wiping the apron to smear
the paint.


Christopher Lee
Killer Kits 
Mike Hill Sculpt 
 by Keith Cousins "Cous3"

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This was one of my grail kits, picked up from Dave at Killer Kits.
It was very cleanly cast and other than some minor
filling, sanding and washing it was ready to be primed
with White auto primer.
The kit comes in three parts: The figure body and base, the head, and one hand. After dry fitting the hand I decided to pin and glue it to the arm before I began painting, the head was left off and could be attached last once everything else was painted.

The face and hands were base coated in Tamiya Flat Flesh,
then a wash of the same Flat Flesh with a touch of Blue
was given to these areas for a deadly pallor.

Pastels were used to shade the face and hands and
Grey pastel used for his
5 O’clock shadow.
I painted the inside of the cloak with Folk-Art Engine Red
and a wash of Americana Crimson to tone it down.

The folds were deepened by Dark Red & Grey pastels a light
drybrush of the Engine Red/Ivory mix to highlight the creases.

For the reverse side of the cloak I used Horizon Matt Black
drybrushed with Grey to pick out the highlight.
This was then sealed with a Matt sealant.
The Horizon Matt Black once sealed tends to have a
slight sheen which works well on the cloak.

Hair is Matt Black drybrushed with Burnt Umber and Grey.

The cloak ties were drybrushed Gold to break up the Black.
For Drac’s suit I used the same Horizon Matt Black,
but left it unsealed for a more Matt look.

To finish his shirt was plain Humbrol White.
The neckerchief painted Midnight Blue drybrushed in Sea Blue.
All I needed to do was attach the head and he was finished.

The base was base coated in Matt Black and drybrushed
with 3 shades of Grey and Medium Green.