Curse Of The Werewolf
Creatures Unlimited
Sculpted by Mike Hill
1/8th Scale Solid Cast Resin
 by Jamie Cook "JamieCk"

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This was the second kit to be issued by Gary Wilson's company Creatures Unlimited.
This was an early test shot which didn't have the base which was included with the
final release edition. Mike is a well known fan of the movie and I believe it really shows
in his work. His first 1/6th scale figure, a major hit for Creatures Unlimited, was a very
impressive piece of sculpting ( which was originally going to be issued as a vinyl kit)
but this second figure really blows that one away. I painted the kit with acrylics and
my usual old fashioned brushes, using a mixture of dry brushing and washes.
A big thanks to artists such as Dave Fisher for teaching me these techniques
via the pages of AFM.)