Conversion of Horizon solid resin Wolverine
built & painted by
Jamie Cook "JamieCK"

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I used my Dremel to cut away the fins on the mask & boots also I had to sand off the fixing points for the blades on the gloves.  I then added the ears and hair to the head and filled in the mask lines on the face with Milliput.  The skull was made from Milliput, the bullet "teeth" came from the Shawn Nagle Col.Matrix kit and the holsters were also made from Milliput.
The figure was primed with gray auto spray paint and the uniform was painted mars black, the muscles where then picked out in a dark gray.  The gloves were painted a very light gray, then painted over with white, and then given a light blue wash.  The face was painted in a basic flesh mix and then the highlights painted in with a lighter mix.  I then gave the face a wash of burnt sienna to tie everything together.