(Movie Version)
built & painted by
Jamie Cook "JamieCK"

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When I opened the box and looked at it for the first time, I decided to alter a few things to the basic sculpt.  The arms seemed to be too short for the body, so I added about 1/4" to the Biceps and also another 1/4" to the forearm.  I cut both arms in to three sections, drilled them, inserted some coat hanger wire and then filled the gaps with Milliput.
For some reason the artist (whoever it was?) decided to sculpt the figure with his trousers loose at the waist.  This gave the impression that it's not only bears that take a dump in the woods!  I used a Dremel to cut away the belt and top of the trousers, so that it was flush with the upper torso section.  Next I glued and pinned the two sections together and then used some more Milliput to resculpt the belt and trousers.  The model was then painted in my usual manner, fixed to an old woodland base from the JayDee kit of The Crow.