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Seth from "Dusk 'Til Dawn

Killer Kits
built & painted by
Jamie Cook "JamieCK"

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I've had this kit sitting on my shelf gathering dust for quite a few years. I picked this kit up from Forbidden Planet in New Oxford St, London.  This is a fairly early lit from Killer's, the figure was cast in what I believe is the Smooth-On brand of resin, and the quality of the casting was very good.

I  had primed and started to paint the figure a number of years ago, but left it for some reason or other that I cant remember.  I dusted the figure down and started to re-paint the face & hands.  After creating my flesh tone base, I lightened it and then painted the highlights, next I stippled some black paint with an old brush to add some 5 O'clock shadow.  This was then followed with a wash of Burt Sienna to add a blush and also blend the different tones of the flesh

The hair was painted dark grey with a few streaks of white at the temples.  Black paint was then dry-brushed over the top to creat some depth.  The tatoo was painted in using a mix of navy blue with added flesh base, this was then given a wash of Burnt Sienna.  The suit was painted black and then dark grey was dry-brushed over the top.

I chose to discard the base included with the model, this was a rectangular piece of resin with the title of the movie in raised lettering.  Instead I used the base from a model of Salma Hayek which I had purchased blind from the Star Wars Emporium.  I had discarded the figure as this was an existing kit (Red Sonja) with a bikini and head-dress sculpted over the top.  The base was painted, dry brushed and then given a wash of dark brown