(Conversion of BruceLee "Game Of Death")
5th Sense
built & painted by
Jamie Cook "JamieCK"

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This kit started out as a Bruce Lee kit sculpted by Lee Ames for 5th Sense.
I picked up this kit for 12.00 from Forbidden Planet during their clearance of
garage kits. I already had one but I could never turn down a bargain, besides,
I thought it would be a great figure to convert someday.

Five years later, I finally got around to putting my plan in to action.
I fashioned the pads, bandages and helmet from Milliput, the face guard
was made from two strips of solid copper mains flex.
The skates were made from Milliput and some small shirt buttons.

The figure was painted using standard hand brush techniques along
with dry brushing and some washes.

 just wish someone would sculpt a kit of James Caan as Jonathan E. someday....