Robinson Crusoe
On Mars
Lunar Models
Judge Dredd
(Movie Version)
Nightlife Productions

built & painted by
Jamie Cook

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Robinson Crusoe On Mars
I picked this up from, the sadly now defunct U.K. dealer,
ASK Models about four years ago.  He had managed to become
the U.K. distributer for Lunar Models and I was also able to buy
the Anne Francis figure at the same time. 

I had first seen some photos of this model on the
Criteron edition laser-disk of Robinson Crusoe On Mars
(It's high time somebody released this film on DVD!)
and had tried to get my hands on one for around six years.

The figure was base-coated with white auto-primer and then
hand-brushed. I used a mixture of dry-brushing and washes
to pick out and define the details on the figure.

Judge Dredd (Movie Version)

I picked up several of these Nightlife Blanks from Forbidden Planet
in New Oxford Street, London when they used to sell garage kits.
I decided to make one into a movie version of Judge Dredd,
and purchased a Halycon model in a sale.

I scratch built the helmet and minor items like the gauntlets,
boots, belt and various straps.
The rest I knicked (sentence: 12yrs on Titan!) from the Halcyon kit box.

The model was them hand-brushed in my usual way.
The background was lifted from the inner sleeve of the
U.K. edition of the DVD.