Green Titan
Far East Imports
built & painted by
Jamie Cook

This model is available from
Jayco is a
Clubhouse Recommended Dealer

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I had wanted to purchase one of these beauties (if you can use that term for the Hulk!) ever since I first saw a small b&w pic in Modeler's Resource a couple of years ago.
I can't thank John Diaz (Jayco)
enough for allowing me to buy
one from him even though I live
in the U.K. 

This kit was expertly cast in a light tan resin, quite how the guy who casted this managed to cast the figure in only two pieces is beyond me!  The kit went together like a dream and and didn't have any seams to fill because of the flawless castings.  I primed the kit with an acrylic auto spray(can, not airbrush) and coated the kit with a flesh base then added some green to the mix.